Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tribute to Lea Joutseno, a stunning lady and comedian

I am crazy about Lea Joutseno. She was finnish actress and I think she's still one of the best actresses ever in Finland! I just love her cheerfullness and she was so beautiful and sassy. And especially in comedymovies her acting skills are golden. Even if she speaks a word in a comedy, she makes me laugh.

I watched today a finnish movie called "Hopeakihlajaiset" from 1942. It was not my favourite one, but because of Lea Joutseno, it gets quite good points. Her role was not very funny, actually I didn't see her smile very much, which was a shame, I adore her smile. But still, she made clear that she can be comedian and also in melancholic role.

Lea Joutseno and Pentti Saares

Liisa Tuomi

I'll never get enough of her glamorous eyes!

Paavo Jännes and Lea

Paavo Jännes. His character was disgusting old man but he was quite charming in his captains hat.

Handsome Tapio Nurkka. He and Lea Joutseno are awesome pair in movies :D

Pentti Saares and Tapio Nurkka

This is the last scene the movie ended with. So weird, Lea Joutsenos character Raili and that old man, whose son (Tapio Nurkka) will marry Raili in this movie, are kissing.... So weird ending! Usually the movie ends with the happy couple kissing, but this.. so weird! I have to say it 3rd time. WEIRD :D

But Lea was amazing actress. And the day after tomorrow there's coming another movie with Lea and Tapio! Can't wait! Especially when it's directed by talented Valentin Vaala.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Now my new jacket is prettier than ever!

I pimped my new grey jacket which I bought yesterday. I put there some buttons so I could place a fur collar on it. And now it is as adorable as pair of kittens!

Today I have to read my history book twice (examweek!). I hope I have enough time, because I have some doings for the evening! But I am just so in love with that jacket right now. I hope that the summer won't be too hot, so I can wear this cuteness every day!


But yeah, this is what I am wearing today. It is too hot outside to wear that cutie jacket..

Hat - Kristalli €5
Shirt - from my big sister Anna as a x-mas present
Gloves - Uusiotori (second hand) €0,5
Skirt - Löytökulma (flea market) €2
Socks - No idea :D

Friday, May 28, 2010

100th post !! New layout and outfit and pizza med Laura!

Straw hat - Löytökulma (flea market)
Shirt - from Laura
Skirt - Made by Laura
Stockings - Tokmanni

I create a new layout, because I got bored to the old one, and this one is 100th post! I drew that header myself, and yes, I am not very good at draw, but because my sister Laura didn't want to help me, so I had to do it without her. Still I like this new layout, and I hope you, my dear readers like it too :) It is still autumnal, I think.

Yesterday I wore my new shirt which I got from Laura, it is so cute! Although sometimes looks like I'd be pregnant, what I'm not, but still. It is so summery and darling. And so romantic!


I love very much quill pens! Although I am not very good at writing with it.. But I'll learn!

My wardrope <3


Me and Laura made yesterday some pizza. We listened 80's music, like Rick Astley and Madonna! Funny thing is, that we had a bit different opinions of how to make pizza, so we argued about that but luckily we succeeded to make pizza we both liked. Well, I don't know was it that good, but still..

I am not pregnant! :D Stupid shirt.. but so cute!

Our pizza looks weird. But it tastes good! I use in my pizza; ketchup, minced meat, pineapple, cheese and some pizza spice. And I just don't like any other pizza than with these ingredients! Although in Italy I did eat some margherita pizza, but it wasn't the most delicious experience in my life...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Toivelauluja -61

I just watched finnish musicmovie, "Toivelauluja" from -61. It was adorable! There was so much dancing scenes (especially ballet!) and singing, few my favourite songs I heard too. And of course I loved the cast: Pirkko Mannola, Leif Wager, Tapio Rautavaara and irja Rannikko, and many more. It was very cheerful. A bit odd plot but still...

This movie tells about one evening, and what happens to some people. There is this songbook, and Pirkkos character's mom throws it through the window, and in the end it somehow finds a way back to Pirkko, through very many hands, and every maincharacter stops to look at it and finds there some song that reminds them of their past or bring back some other memories, and there's lots of dancing and singing. It is complicated plot but still cute :)

Pirkko Mannola and Esko Salminen

Irina Kugler

And there's that songbook!

Damn I don't know what her name is in real life. She was stunning, and so was her clothes!

Leif Wager with some ladies!

Leif Wager dancing. He is so awesome :D

Leif Wager

Tapio Rautavaaras character when he was young

Tapio Rautavaara as an old man

Tapios characters' car was fabulous :D

Esko Salminen and Pirkko Mannola
(He has the songbook between his teeth :D)

Some songscenes from this movie :)

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