Monday, April 12, 2010

Maybe the c u t e s t pink shoes I have seen so far.

Oh my, äitini sponsoroi nämä upeat ja niin somat kengät minulle tänään! Rakastuin. Nämä ovat niin vanhannäköiset, eivätkä siis ole kirpparilta. Nämä ovat "Nappas-kengästä" (luoja vihaan tuon kaupan nimeä..) Tykkään<3

[Oh my, my mom sponsored these gorgeous and sooo cute shoes for me today! I fell in love. These are so old-looking and so adorable. Btw these are not from fleamarket. These are from "Nappas-kenkä" (god I hate the name of that shoeshop..) I love these<3]


  1. Oh my goodness those are adorable!
    If I lived closer to you I might have to steal them. ;D

  2. Haa :D Then I should but these behind some locked closet 8D


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